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Wood Grinding and Wood Chipping in St. Louis

You’re looking at a piece of land for development, but it’s covered with trees and shrubs. Others might not see the potential, but not you: You see the future beyond the trees. And, you also see that the very first step is clearing the land. Turn to Exterior Creations to get your land cleared. We have a great deal of experience in this area and can quickly get the property ready with our various services, such as tree removal and wood chipping in St. Louis.

Selective Clearing

Once you begin to put your plans for the site in motion, you have a schedule in mind, and you want it kept to as closely as possible. We always focus on working quickly and efficiently to meet or exceed the deadlines we have as part of any project. This way, you can keep the wheels of progress moving.

We tailor our brush and wood waste removal services to meet your particular needs. Perhaps you are planning a residential development and wish to have certain trees untouched? We can accommodate that by removing the trees you want to be eliminated while preserving the ones which add beauty and value to your property.

Wood Grinding and Wood Chipping in St. Louis

Grinding Provides a Level Field

We don’t just remove a bunch of trees, bushes, and shrubs and leave you to deal with a field of stumps. We know how challenging that can be due to the size and reluctance of tree stumps to come out of the ground. Trust our forestry grinding services to take care of this scenario effectively.

You won’t have to worry about working around stumps or fighting with them further, as our process grinds each stump down even with the soil for a workable surface which is smooth and ready for construction.

Beyond grinding stumps, we can also use other pieces of equipment to grind and chip any branches, limbs, leaves, and foliage that remains on the site.

At this point, you can use our logging residue removal services to haul away all the debris. Or, you can choose to use the ground-up material as mulch and apply it to other areas of the project and trees that you wish to preserve. It’s a very environmentally friendly of reusing the material.

The Finishing Touches

Once we clear the land, we can work with you beyond that stage as our team also provides services like pond construction, grading, and basement digging.

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