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Pond Construction in St. Louis

Lakes and ponds enhance the value and appeal of any piece of property. Whether you are at home or work, a view of the water is always appreciated. When you need to hire a pond construction company to put in a body of water, choose Exterior Creations. We offer complete pond construction in St. Louis to beautify residential and commercial properties of every kind. Our company is also a qualified lake renovation contractor that can improve and expand existing ponds.

Pond Construction Company Offers Design & Installation Services

Add a serene pond to your property and set up a free design consultation with our talented pond builder. Tell us about the size and layout of your property and what type of water addition you had in mind. Once we know what you want we can finalize the details and submit the design plan for your approval. Our team takes every aspect of your project into consideration, from the depth and shape of the pond to the slope of its perimeter. We can include built-in drains to help filter your lake or pond and keep the water clean.

We have the heavy, earth-moving equipment that is necessary to complete lake construction projects in a timely fashion. This also means we can provide land clearing and install decorative ponds efficiently and effectively. Of course, quality always comes first, and we are extremely thorough in our work. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we take pride in constructing spectacular bodies of water that have everything our clients requested. Trust our company to design and construct an idyllic lake or pond on your property.


Skilled Lake Renovation Contractor

When a lake becomes excessively dirty or shallow, it goes from being a beautiful feature to an eyesore. If your lake has deteriorated over time, you need the services of our lake renovation contractor. Our company provides renovation services that include removing sediment and repairing drainage systems. We also offer dam renovations to fix impaired dams that are leaking and not functioning properly. Restoring a dam allows a lake to regain its proper water level, which often helps with other problems such as sediment buildup. Let us breathe new life into the lake or pond on your property so you can once again enjoy the exquisite view of the water.

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