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Grading Contractor in St. Louis

Does the drainage water on your property flow in the wrong direction? Do you require a certified grading company to inspect the land you plan to build on? If you need an experienced grading contractor in St. Louis, choose Exterior Creations. Our grading company is prepared to excavate and measure properties of every kind. We provide a reliable landscape grading service to customers in and around St. Louis, Chesterfield, Town & Country, Wildwood, and Ladue, MO.

Roller in St. Louis

Expert Landscape Grading Contractor

When you require grading services, you may not immediately be aware of the extent of grading needed. We can provide you with a free consultation that includes an estimate on size and cost of your grading project. This consultation will also inform you on the amount of time it will take to grade your land accordingly.

If your project involves small-scale drainage or landscaping work, we can perform the landscape grading service in a few days or less. Driveway installations or basement digging may require a week or more to finish grading the area.

Due to the many difficulties that can arise when grading a plot of land, it is work that should be left to professionals. Our grading contractor utilizes heavy-duty landscaping and surveying equipment to do the job quickly and correctly while keeping costs to a minimum. We take accurate measurements and perform precision grading services to prepare your land so you can proceed with your construction plans.

The Importance of a Qualified Grading Company

If you plan to build a home on a new plot of land, you need a landscape grading service to ensure the land is stable enough to support new structures. Our excavation company can perform the required grading to measure the slope of the land and make the necessary corrections to level the soil.

Our landscape grading contractor will also check the soil on your land to see if it is the proper type to support your building plans.  Once we inspect your property, we can then remove, add, or relocate the necessary land material to prepare the area for your construction project.

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